Friday, March 23, 2007

Another Pesky Leftover Problem Solved

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas announced yesterday that law enforcement officials had charged six Chinese nationals and a U.S. citizen with what the L.A. Times reported as "pimping and operating 10 brothels staffed by women from China in what authorities said was the largest prostitution investigation ever in Orange County."

"In an apparent effort to economize," the article went on to say, "customers used plastic food wrap instead of condoms. Jian Shi, a 49-year-old Montebello resident and the alleged ringleader, bought 7,500 square feet of plastic wrap over a two-month period, Rackauckas said."

Added District Attorney Rackauckas: "I really don't think about [plastic wrap] in the same way any more," demonstrating yet again that Orange County District Attorney Rackauckas is clearly the funniest district attorney in Orange County.

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susan said...

I know something about pinching pennies but this takes the cake.