Monday, March 20, 2006

Better Yet, Just Don't Watch TV For The Next Three Years Or So

President Bush said today that as the Iraq war moves into its fourth year, he can “understand people being disheartened” but asked Americans to look beyond the bloodshed and see signs of progress. He then went on to say that if, after looking beyond the bloodshed to see signs of progress they saw even more bloodshed, he’d encourage them to look past that, too. However, at that point if they were to see some bloodshed with a little bit of progress mixed in or a lot of progress but also a lot of bloodshed at the same time, he'd ask them to pick out the bloodshed and leave in the progress. Or close one eye and turn their heads in such a way that all they could see was the progress and little to none of the bloodshed. Or if it was easier, they could just go lie down and someone from his or some future administration would call and tell them when it was time to wake up.

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