Saturday, March 18, 2006

Word on "The Street"

Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is shown here posing with Elmo in Jakarta, Indonesia, today following a meeting that a State Department official said touched on a variety of issues "of mutual concern to our two peoples". The work session comes on the heels of First Lady Laura Bush's hastily scheduled meeting earlier this month with Boombah, Chamki, Goodli and Aanchoo, all members of the Indian version of Sesame Street. The State Dept. spokesperson refused to further explain the sudden flurry of diplomatic activity between the U.S. and Sesame Street and would neither confirm nor deny rumors that the Bush administration was attempting to add Sesame Street to the "coalition of the willing" in Iraq. The spokesperson also refused to speculate on whether the President was seeking to offer Sesame Street access to U.S. civil nuclear technology in exchange for opening its nuclear facilities to inspection.

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