Sunday, March 05, 2006

Shameless Self-Promotion, Koufax Awards Division

If you're so inclined -- and only if you're so inclined -- feel free to stroll over to Wampum and vote for Pearlswine (comment your vote?) for Most Humorous Blog. Or not. Or vote for one of the other nominees you think more worthy of earning the title "Most Humorous".

Can't promise a vote for Pearlswine will mean anything -- in fact, among the fruitless acts of kindness you'll perform over the course of your life, it'll probably rank just above the time you let that asshole in the bright yellow Hummer cut in front of you on the freeway and just below the time in the 4th grade when you donated money to the "Save the Raisins" foundation. But I'll ask you this -- did either of them ever offer you a picture of Ramu and Babu in return?

I didn't think so.

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