Saturday, September 24, 2005

Don't Need A Weatherman

Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas on July 1, 2005: “I urge my colleagues to reject the politics of confrontation, and to adhere instead to the Senate role prescribed by the Constitution: the President’s [Supreme Court] nominee deserves nothing less than a prompt, respectful confirmation hearing in the Judiciary Committee and a fair up-or-down vote on the Senate floor.”

Sen. Sam Brownback of Kansas in the New York Times today: "If the president doesn't nominate a solid nominee, that is going counter to what he campaigned on," Mr. Brownback said. And if such a nominee "involves a contentious battle, then let it be."

Hmm. "Prompt", "respectful" and "fair" is what he demands from opponents when he's certain of getting what he wants, yet "contentious", "battle" and "let it be" is where the man's thoughts and language go when things are in danger of not going his way. Interesting how the approach changes when the wind’s at your back and when the wind’s in your face.

Oh well. Guess one man's slippery flip-floppiness is another man's courageous moral stand.

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