Friday, September 23, 2005

Free Pass for Dads

President Bush on Thursday effectively laid the blame for the Sept. 11 terror attacks on three out of the four men who preceded him into office. Conveniently letting his father off the hook, Bush said mistakes made by Presidents Carter, Reagan and Clinton led terrorists to believe "we lacked the courage and character to defend ourselves", which in turn emboldened Al Qaeda to act.

Well, if nothing else, the President appears to have provided us with the answer to the burning question: So when exactly is the right time to "point fingers" and "play the blame-game"? Answer: When you're down to a 40% approval rate, 59% of the country considers the 2003 invasion of Iraq a mistake, the whole world has seen you stumble, bumble and sleepwalk your way through the recovery effort to Hurricane Katrina and the Republican leaders of the Senate, House and the White House are all under criminal investigation.

By the way, anybody seen this cocky guy lately?

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