Thursday, September 15, 2005

Things That Need To Be Fixed #6

While in Hollywood today, I happened to be leaving a parking garage behind the CNN building and witnessed Ron Jeremy attempting to operate the brand spanking new parking ticket machine recently installed there.

From what I can gather, the machine spit out one of those not-so-new-anymore Sacajawea dollar coins, which apparently threw the Hedgehog, because he held up the offending coin. "What am I supposed to do with this?" he asked the attendant. "Who's going to take this?" Though he was clearly agitated, I was impressed that Mr. Jeremy chose not to use any profanity and seemed to understand that the attendant, while nominally in charge of the exit area, had little-to-nothing to do with the minting of the coin in question or its subsequent distribution.

Nonetheless, I believe the aging, hairy porn star speaks for all of us with his questions. Perhaps the U.S. Treasury should have considered offering some sort of manual or set of instructions covering the use of the super confusing dollar coin. (Is it a dollar? Is it a pancake?) That's screwed up and I think that needs to be fixed.

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