Thursday, September 22, 2005

Extended Republican Weather Forecast

rita.png rita2.png

Hurricane Rita is bearing down on the Gulf Coast and its Category 4 force winds should make landfall in southwest Louisiana and the upper Texas coast by early Saturday. Expect calls for the repeal of the estate tax to follow immediately, along with demands to make President Bush’s tax cuts permanent. Meteorologists are predicting coastal storm surge flooding of 15 to 20 feet above normal tide levels which will be accompanied by large and dangerous battering waves, but Congress is expected to withstand calls to cut pork-barrel projects out of the Federal Highway Bill to offset the billions to be spent for storm relief. Once again, Rita is an extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane and Rep. Don Young (R., Alaska) has informed Americans who might want him to return the $223 million earmarked for his “Bridge to Nowhere” and redirect it to hurricane recovery efforts that they are welcome to "kiss my ear."

Stay tuned to further weather advisories, as a series of approaching tropical depressions may have a bearing on Social Security reform, school vouchers, prayer in school, the dismantling of environmental safeguards and the morning-after pill.

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