Monday, August 21, 2006

Craptastic Journalism, LA Times!

From today's Los Angeles Times:

Councilwoman Perry Attends to Civic Doody

Yes, this is an actual headline. Yes, the story that accompanies this actual headline is about how LA City Councilwoman Jan Perry picked up human poop from a sidewalk. And yes, it is the...

Worst. Headline. Ever.


Mimi said...

Eweee!! Human poop? On the sidewalk? I'll never visit L.A. again!

Al Ottaworkfernuttin said...

Actually, the article was a bit of a misprint and mislead. What actually happened was that Jan Perry picked up the unfortunately named (and never seen again) actress Alison Doody, from "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade," who since that film has been living her life like human excrement as so many failed actors do.

So, in fact, the headline was really the feel good headline of the year.