Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Water Sports

My nominations for the least refreshing photos of the day:


A two-year-old from Auburn, Washington, bending over to kiss Stuart the dachshund at the Green River on Monday. This was actually going to be considered in the "Most Refreshing Photo" category until I checked out the action going on under the kid's diaper.


Hundreds of residents jamming themselves into a pool in Nanjing, in east China's Jiangsu province after temperatures hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit on Sunday. Refer to our 2-year-old, dachshund-smooching friend from above and the definition of the term fecal coliform if there's any question as to why this photo has been included.


Swimmers competing in the annual Bog Snorkelling Championships taking place near Dungannon in County Tyrone in Northern Ireland on Sunday. Competitors are required to swim two lengths of a water-filled trench cut through a peat bog. Bog snorkelling suddenly makes annual cheese-rolling competition held in the western England town of Brockworth, Gloucestershire look positively enlightened.


Anonymous said...

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Mimi said...

Re comment number 1: WHAT?!?