Thursday, November 24, 2005

Thanks For Nothing

Oh, really? We're supposed to believe that "Marshmallow", who got himself pardoned by Pres. Bush the other day, is now the quote-unquote "Happiest Turkey on Earth" just because he got named grand marshall of the Disneyland Thanksgiving Parade? Is that based on something Marshmallow himself is on record as saying or did this come from Marshmallow's "people"? Because if I'm Marshmallow and it was me who got jammed into some flimsy plastic tube by some icy-fingered animal handler just so I could then be paraded around the park solely for the delight of the cheering and leering crowd, and the whole time some kid wearing a construction paper Indian headdress on the float next to me keeps saying she's serious when she says she's going to throw up if she has to look at the red, stringy flesh hanging off my neck one minute longer, well... that may be a fairly accurate description of a day at a theme park, but happy? I don't think so.

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Anonymous said...

icy fingered animal handler? just what kind of baby sitters did your mother leave you with? j