Sunday, October 23, 2005

Hurricane Wilma Coverage

From the AP:

Caption: "Jean Moore, left, of Fort Myers, Fla., reads a newspaper as David Bright, talks on a cell phone at a Red Cross hurricane shelter set up at the Germain Arena in Estero, Fla., Sunday, Oct. 23, 2005 in preparation for the arrival of Hurricane Wilma."

Message Conveyed: This storm is a huge inconvenience and even though the people pictured above undoubtedly appreciate that they've got a safe place to ride out the hurricane, they've got to be awfully bored and aren't we, in turn, fortunate to be out of harm's way.

From Reuters:

Caption: "Andre Pena (R) rests with his children Andres (L) and Hector inside a hurricane shelter at Florida International University in Miami, Florida October 23, 2005. The Penas family evacuated from Florida Keys to the shelter ahead of the predicted arrival of Hurricane Wilma October 24."

Message Conveyed: Hurricanes suck, especially if you have young children, but people are resilient and really seem to be making the best of a difficult situation.

From the AP:

Caption: "Leonard Hasbrouck, right, who plans to ride out the storm in his mobile home, waves to firefighters warning residents of the Sunburst RV Park in Fort Myers Beach, Fla., to evacuate in anticipation of the arrival of Hurricane Wilma, Sunday, Oct. 23, 2005. Tropical storm-force wind was expected to begin lashing the state late Sunday and meteorologists said the heart of the storm was expected to roar across the state Monday."

Message Conveyed: The world is made up of all sorts of people with all sorts of motivations for doing what they do and they come in all shapes and sizes and are all deserving of our respect, sympathy and support.

From Reuters:

Caption: "Jessica Hesser looks out to sea as her eighteen-month-old daughter Sari plays in the sand on the beach in Naples, Florida October 23, 2005. Some residents were making last minute preparations with Hurricane Wilma less than 24 hours away."

Message Conveyed: Umm... huh. Well, I suppose this picture demonstrates... that is to say, it probably tells us that... Aw, hell. The photographer just got tired of taking pictures of sad, tired, wrinkly people.

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