Monday, July 03, 2006

Because He Says So

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, running for re-election in Connecticut, announced today that he will stay in the race even if he loses the Democratic primary in August. "I'm essentially taking out an insurance policy," Lieberman told CNN. "I'm opening up an option that will guarantee me that I will be able to make my case to all the voters in Connecticut in November." Lieberman, 64, also told CNN he will not vacate his Senate office even if loses the general election in the fall, will continue to use the "Ten Items Or Less" line at the supermarket even if he has more than ten items in his cart, will still drive in the state's HOV lanes even if he is the only passenger in his car, will file a 1040EZ tax form with the IRS even if his taxable income exceeds $50,000 and is considering challenging the "one coupon per customer" restriction at his local car wash.

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