Friday, July 28, 2006

Mission Accomplished

Pres. Bush went to NAM yesterday, finally fulfilling his military obligations with the Texas Air National Guard.


Moses "Moe" Ron said...

Now if only he would go AWOL or MIA.

Anonymous said...

"It is known to sources inside and outside Washington D.C. that Mel Gibson has previously expressed interest in subject matter positively confirming the identiy of Jeff Gannon. Jeff Gannon did infiltrate the White House for two years and did compromise the presidency of George W. Bush. The story of Gannon's unbridled Whitehouse access was effectively surpressed by the mainstream media.

It has been leaked to the FBI that an individual (a female) with a personal relationship to Jeff Gannon and Noreen Gosch can positively ID Gannon as Johnny Gosch and wants to go public with her story. It is also known that she is a traditional Roman Catholic who would most likely want to give the story to Mel Gibson."