Saturday, July 01, 2006

Sick Is The New Well

Doctors pronounced Dick Cheney "fit as a fiddle" after the vice president underwent routine medical tests at George Washington University Medical Center today to check on aneurysms on the backs of his knees and a high-tech pacemaker inserted in his chest in 2001. The vice president's office said Cheney's pacemaker is "functioning properly", that no irregular heartbeat had been detected and that the vice president would take a treadmill test in the fall.

Doctors did note that while they continue to be "troubled" by the huge deposits of evil around the vice president's unusually tiny heart, they felt the American public probably wasn't willing to give its approval to the lengthy impeachment proceedings that would be required to remove it.


Misha said...

Oh, well, it was too much to hope that Cheney might have to retire for health reasons. If something happens to Bush, we're still stuck with the Big Dick.


jude cowell said...

Deposits of pure evil with the best snarl around.

And they tried so hard to launch a shuttle for him, too.