Sunday, July 02, 2006

She Ain't Heavy

Sandra Kullas and Margo Uusorg from Estonia beat out 39 other teams to take the world wife-carrying crown in Sonkajarvi, Finland on Saturday. Uusorg, 26, completed the course in a world-record 56.9 seconds, while Kullas, 19, clung to his back upside down with her legs around his neck. According to Reuters, the 11-year-old tournament is meant to "evoke the legend of robber Rosvo-Ronkainen who made people trying to join his gang run through a forest carrying heavy sacks."

The only thing I find surprising about all this is why there aren't more contestants. I mean, what wife doesn't dream of being thought of her husband's "heavy sack" or hang upside down with her face jammed in her hubby's sweaty ass-crack.

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