Sunday, August 07, 2005

I Beg to Differ

My hometown newspaper, The Canton Citizen, printed a story last month that kind of got me mad. The small-circulation weekly paper ran a front page story in its July 21 edition about how the Village Shoppes at Cobb's Corner "rang in the anticipated arrival" of the latest Harry Potter book. Not sure why they needed to throw that "anticipated" in there, since I doubt they could've gotten a bunch of cranky, sleepy kids to line up at midnight in an empty mall dressed in ill-fitting Harry Potter outfits if they didn't have an actual copy or two of the book lying around. That's just begging for a riot or at the very least a serious tantrum or two.

Anyway, that's not what has my dander up. What's got me more than a little upset is a photo accompanying the story that shows a cute kid holding a fake owl and a caption underneath that reads, "Teddy Andrade is a perfect Harry Potter."

Excuse me? A perfect Harry Potter? Can the editors of the Canton Citizen seriously be trying to tell me there's absolutely no room for improvement here? That Teddy's appearance in black gown and eyeglasses represents the be-all-and-end-all of dressing up like Harry Potter?

Don't get me wrong. The kid's good. Real good. Maybe the best I've seen. But give me a break -- I bet even Teddy knows he's got a ways to go, that he's still got some moves to learn, that there's a trick or two he may still want to try out.

So come on, editors of the Canton Citizen. Don't do this to us. Don't be part of the lowering of our national standards. Lift us up and set an example. We need you -- maybe now more than ever.

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