Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Do I Get Another Wish?

U.S. Congresswoman Katherine Harris (R-FL) is shown here appealing to the photo-op fairy on the tarmac of MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida after her first two wishes yielded only boyish Congressman Adam Putman (R-FL) and Florida Governor Jeb Bush, neither of whom seemed likely to assist her in pulling her reelection campaign out of its nosedive.

The situation didn't appear to improve when the congresswoman's final appeal to the heavens was answered by a visit from a politician with a 31% approval rating.


Anonymous said...

I can't help it. the woman is evil but she does have a killer body!

Bill Diamond said...

Sigh. I wish I didn't agree.

allen said...

At this mtg w/ Jeb, the TV had Skippy remarking (about Jeb) 'he'd make a good Prezdint.'

How the hell would he know?