Saturday, May 06, 2006

Finally Feeling the Pinch

From the front page of today's New York Times:
"We went from totally believing in Bush to really having our doubts," said Wayne Toomey, who owns a house with Ms. Tuttle in the nearby suburb of Parrish. "It comes down to his lack of care about gas prices."
Not stealing an election. Not lying to get us into Iraq. Not screwing up the Hurricane Katrina relief effort. Not authorizing illegal domestic wiretapping. Not running up the largest federal deficit in history despite running as a "compassionate conservative." No, the thing that stopped this couple from "totally believing" in the man is the cost of a gallon of gas -- something that most people believe is pretty much out of his control.

I suppose I should be grateful that something is finally waking people up to the national nightmare that is the Bush presidency. But I'm not.

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Tall Boston Law Student said...

Bill, I know you're older and wiser and all, but I feel the need to clue in on something here. The avearage american is dumb. They really are. Call it lack of cultural sensitivity, call it it misanthropy, call it anything you want. But the heartbeat of America? They're f'ing dumb!