Tuesday, May 02, 2006

No, Sang-kyu

As reported here last October 20, this was South Korean bee farmer Ahn Sang-kyu as he and 260,000 bees celebrated the opening of a new subway in his town of Daegu, south of Seoul.

Well, it would appear the fun loving bee farmer is at it again, only this time Mr. Sang-kyu is showing he's not just some one-dimensional lover of public transportation with possibly the politest name in all of Asia but that he has a more serious, political side as well. To showcase that more sober aspect of his personality, the South Korean bee farmer and 180,000 bees travelled to Seoul to protest Japan's sovereignty claims over the disputed islets known as Tokto to the Koreans and Takeshima to the Japanese by jumping up and down on a mock Japanese flag.

Many said that the multi-faceted Mr. Sang-kyu wouldn't be able to pull off his protest with such a substantially reduced force of bees. But as the bee farmer limped away from the poorly-attended event, he was said to have confidently declared "mission accomplished".

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