Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Dumbo Doesn't Do Cardio

Maggie the elephant is refusing to use the custom exercise treadmill her keepers had specially built for her in her pen at the zoo in Anchorage, Alaska. According to officials, Maggie has indicated through a series of foot stomps and toots from her trunk that while she understands she tips the scales at 8,000 pounds, she's "quite comfortable with the way she looks", she "seriously resents" the zoo's implication that she needs to slim down and that if the zoo ultimately decides not to return the treadmill to the manufacturer, that's their choice but they should know she's only going to use it to hang clothes on. She also commented that she finds it "ironic to say the least" that her trainers are trying to encourage her to use the $100,000 piece of gym equipment by offering her watermelons, apples, carrots, peanuts in the shell, banana slices and sweet potatoes.

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