Friday, May 26, 2006

Exactly Like Gunfire, Except Not

Speaking to Fox Television, Rep. Jim Saxton of New Jersey admitted it was his erroneous report of gunfire that shut down the Capitol for more than five hours today. Incidentally, here's what Wikipedia has to say about the congressman:
Saxton is strongly conservative. He has voted to ban abortion, stem cell research, and gay marriage; he's additionally voted against campaign finance reform, gun control and gay adoption. He supports free trade and voted for CAFTA, the Flag Desecration Amendment, and supports aggressive foreign policy, having voted for the Iraq War Resolution in 2003. He supports the privatization of social security and school vouchers, as well as ending the Department of Education.
So basically, sounds like Friday was just like any other day for Rep. Saxton in his ongoing quest to stop any and all progress in the country dead in its tracks.

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karena said...

That last comment is freaking hilarious.