Saturday, June 03, 2006

A Blushing June Bride

The AFP is reporting that a woman who fell in love with a snake married the cobra in a traditional Hindu wedding that was attended by 2,000 guests. Bimbala Das, 30, pictured above, exchanged vows or did whatever you do when you marry a snake last Friday. The reptile didn't actually attend the ceremony himself, managing to resist the efforts of priests who chanted mantras in an attempt to lure him from his ant hill home and forcing officials to substitute a brass replica of a snake as a last-minute, stand-in groom. "Whenever I put milk near the ant hill where the cobra lives, it always comes out to drink," Das told a reporter. "I always get to see it every time I go near the ant hill. It has never harmed me."

Three thoughts here. First, I hate to burst Mrs. Das-Snake's bubble but seems to me one ought to have a slightly higher standard for a spouse than "It has never harmed me." Second, I hope she realizes she referred to her new husband as "It". And third, the fact that she married a snake is actually slightly less bizarre than the fact that she got 2,000 people to attend the wedding. Hell, I can barely get 2,000 people to visit this stupid blog.

Incidentally, earlier this year, a tribal girl was married off to a dog on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar. Reports are that they're happy and doing well but are still a little behind on their thank-you cards.

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Tall Boston Law Student said...

Oddly enough, these two marriages play into Justice Scalia's dissent in the Goodrich case (the MA gay marriage statute case). He said that once you legalize gay marriage, its a slippery slope to legalizing polygamy, pedophilia and bestiality. See, there, some serious commentary (sort of). I bet you thought I was gonna make a "doggystyle" or "you may now kiss the bride" joke!