Wednesday, June 28, 2006

This Picture Makes My Head Hurt

If there's anyone left who still doubts this administration's determination to twist reality and logic until we're out of breath and too weak to resist, look long and hard at this picture. Here's a president who started a pre-emptive war by lying about the existence of WMDs, which resulted in Army Staff Sergeant Christian Bagge being sent off to fight a war that should never have been fought and which resulted in the tragic loss of both his legs to a roadside explosion. Rather than being consumed by anger at the man directly responsible for his condition, Sgt. Bagge instead asks Pres. Bush from his hospital bed if he can go running with him and the president is only too happy to oblige with this photo-op-for-the-ages jog around the South Lawn of the White House, where Pres. Bush thanks him for his service and Sgt. Bagge responds that it has been his "privilege".

I'm eternally grateful there are dedicated, loyal and noble people like Sgt. Bagge who are willing to sacrifice their bodies and their lives for the defense of our country. I just wish our current leaders weren't so willing to abuse them.


heyitsalexis said...

I'm not sure what to say except that I totally agree.

Tall Boston Law Student said...

When the hell is the average Joe going to wake up to the reality that America's propaganda machine (not to mention "Big Brother" type programs) rivals any the world has ever known. Does Joe SixPack not see that the USA he so desperately loves engages in the vast majority of political tactics, on an equal or greater level, that the "Commies" he so deparately hates use? We've become what we say we're fighting against, and the average American is too wrapped up in FOX news and ads for the latest SUV to do a damn thing about it.

Stacia said...

I feel sorry for many soldiers and their families. They have to believe the war was for a good, legitimate reason. They've been wounded and killed, families torn apart, and there's nothing left for them except to convince themselves that all this tragedy happened for a higher purpose.