Saturday, June 10, 2006

Rubbed Raw

Oh, PETA, look what you've started.

Sure, it starts innocently enough -- a naked anti-chicken, pro-vegetarian protest here, a naked anti-bullfighting protest there. Next thing you know, you got naked people pedalling around Manchester, England to protest against traffic jams...

... and naked people in Madrid protesting about how there aren't enough bicycle lanes...

It's getting to the point where a person can't go out naked in public without someone thinking he's got some kind of political axe to grind. Thanks, PETA. Thanks a lot. Guess I'll just find something else to do with my weekends.


Uh, hello, Mexico City participants in the "World Naked Bike Ride" -- what part of "naked bike ride" don't you understand?

Apparently the "bike ride" part.


N. O. Sahje Wit said...

Well, at the very least, I smell a potential tie-in movie: "The Bicycle Seat Thief." (I hate myself for that one).

Bill Diamond said...

I hate you for it, too.