Friday, June 23, 2006

Guys and Dolls

Reuters says this is Taiwan legislator Chiang Lien-fu of the opposition Nationalist Party pointing a pistol yesterday at a doll of Taiwan's President Chen Shui-bian and that opposition parties are trying to unseat Chen through a recall movement. President Chen's popularity ratings are said to be at record lows, but my question to the Taiwanese is this: How bad are things over there that your president is less popular than a guy who threatens a doll with a gun?


Formosa said...

I have to say this is a New228 drive to kill the professional Taiwanese who are providing services to the country.

This Pan-Blue's New228 movement should be carefully watched. Their approach is dirty and damage can be invisible and long term to those Taiwanese.

You can see the worse nightmare of Taiwan citizen. Is this kind behavior is right for the children? Is it right for the society?

Basically, the KMT legislators and their approaches to issues should be condemed by all Taiwanese.

They lie and cheat people with their media coverage to create termoil of society with only one objetive. Get back the political power of Taiwan.

I believe Taiwanese people should wake up and consolidate the energy for the competitiveness of Taiwan in the global world.

N. O. Sahje Whit said...

Er... I was going to say there are some dolls that I've wanted to shoot, but "formosa" kinda took the wind out of my sails.