Friday, June 02, 2006

Cheese Rolling: The Sport of Kings

Twenty-five people sustained injuries at an annual cheese-rolling competition held this week in the western England town of Brockworth, Gloucestershire. Dozens of contestants came from around the world to race 656 feet down a slope in an attempt to capture a wheel-shaped Double Gloucester cheese, which was decorated in a blue and red ribbon for the event. According to the AFP, 12 of the 25 people hurt were spectators, including one who was struck by what the reporter described as the "hard, dinner-plate-sized cheeses". Recent wet weather allowed the racers to slide rather than tumble head-over heels down the hill, which led organizer Richard Jeffries to declare, "It's been a very successful year". One of the winners of the five races was 18-year-old Chris Anderson, who knocked himself out in the process. "I just ran, fell and hit my head," he said. "I feel sore but it was definitely worth it."

Incidentally, the winner of each race wins... a big circle of cheese. All of which suddenly makes this sport...

... not seem half as stupid.

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