Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer Fun

A group of Japanese schoolchildren toured whaling operations today at the Wada port in the city of Minami-Bousou, east of Tokyo, Japan. The kids studiously took notes as fishermen slaughtered a Northern bottlenose whale, also known as a Beard's Beaked whale. According to a BBC website, the Northern bottlenose is relatively easy to kill, given the mammal's tendency to remain behind with wounded companions.

After witnessing the whale slaughter, the schoolchildren were then led on a tour of a kitty-strangling factory, then ended their day at a poultry plant, where each child was given an opportunity to personally chase down, capture and kill a newborn baby chick with a dull, rusty knife.


anne altman said...

i'm gonna barf.

why are people so cruel?


taraj said...

The most disgusting thing I've seen today... but the day is young and I haven't seen the news yet.